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What sailors are saying

Lars Bergkvist  [Torshälla, Sweden) 

“I am the owner of TEN number 2. I bought it early 2019 in Holland and brought it home to Sweden.

We have competed in a number of regattas, mostly doublehanded.  

I believe it to be a very good doublehanded racer as is it very easy to sail on two people, the cabin is well planned for sleeping during long races where you have to rest. The boat is very stable, we race it with two people in 40 knots of wind with a jib 3 and only one reef in the mainsail. 

The boat goes easy up to plane and is stable in boat speeds around 16-20 knots.

The rig is easy to handle, and we have our boat on a trailer, so we have her behind our car and goes to different regattas. To put her in the water, put on the mast and sails is taking us 2 hours, which is easy to handle. 


Regarding results: 

On the Around the Baltic Race (Gotland Runt)

We raced on 6 people. 350 Nm, started Sunday, finished Tuesday afternoon.

The last 40 hours the wind was between 30 and 42 knots. The boat functioned very well and we came 5th of 47 boats.  

Overall for the regatta there were 210 boats starting and only 105 finishing, due to the rough seas and high wind speeds. This race is an offshore race. 

On Nordic Yachts Open

A doublehanded regatta, we won the whole regatta - 112 boats were starting. High wind between 20 and 28 knots.


We also won the last regatta for the year: 38 boats participated. OK winds during Saturday and high winds (up to 42 knots) on the Sunday. This regatta is 2 x 31 Nm, half is inshore and half is offshore. 

Overall, a well built and very well-functioning doublehanded boat. Safe, fun and very quick.” 

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Ren Xiujuan* / Dalian Tuo En Sailing Team (Liaoning Province, China) 

We have sailed TEN actively for 2 consecutive years in the racing circuit. With its 33feet, TEN has been the little brother of all 56 teams.  Reflecting back on those 2 years, I believe in comparison with the larger sailing boats, TEN is more direct and you are more in touch and allows more to benefit from the elements, like tidal effects. Driving TEN stimulates sailors to really benefit and get in touch with the elements. Feeling the charm of the sea, without fearing it’s challenges.  

Hans, one of the Dutch sailors in our crew put it nicely: “I am thrilled to drive TEN in this years offshore competition TEN is a small, but very fast boat. The crew managed to sail 20 knots downwind (two Dutch sailors, together with the Chinese crew). It was challenging and we gave it our best. We are excited that we won the offshore championship.

Li-Xin, a crew member from Shanghai, China, said: “This is my second time participating in offshore racing competition. Sailing on a newer type of TEN. After racing I concluded her performance, speed, smoothness and operability are superior. Her stability is great, even when sailing 20knots at 35 knots of wind. It is one of the fastest and competitive racing boats I have sailed in full-crew configuration. It was fun, hard work, and the overall sailing was comfortable.


Our achievemnets in 2019: 

Hainan International Round the Island Regatta 2019

Haikou to Sanya:

2nd place in IRC3 Haikou-Sanya: TEN Class Champion


2nd place in IRC3 Sanya-Haikou: 2nd place TEN Class 

Overall competition:

IRC3 Champion

TEN Class champion

3rd in IRC3 

China-Korea International Rally:

Leg 1 - Champion of the Round Liugong Island 
Leg 2 – 2nd place of the Sinwanjin International Long-distance Race 
Leg 3 - 2nd place of the Sinwanjin International Regatta 

The 6th China Bohai Rim Sailing Rally: 
1st place and champion 

Last but certainly not least: I hope that very soon we have a chance to experience the optimized and upgraded TEN2 and I look forward to her arrival!

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Wang Jun* / team Anqi (Heilongjiang Province, China) 

Every year we take part in China's Hainan Round Island Regatta, as well as the Sinan Cup and the China Cup with TEN ‘Anqi’ 

The 2019 Hainan Round the Island Regatta was an edition with winds of around 30 knots, where we managed to reach a boat speed of 20 knots. At that time, the mainsail was not retracted, and an A2 sail was used. Team Anqi finished third in IRC3 and reached an overall 3rd place in the TEN class.  

In 2018, we raced in the Sinan Cup in China. With wind speeds of about 25 knots we managed boat speeds of about 18 knots.  We sailed with a trimmed mainsail and the A4.  

Every year, we sail the offshore race Dalian and Sanya. Last edition we experienced a maximum of about 40 knots of visual wind, which allowed us to reach boat speeds of 22 knots. With two helmsmen and a crew on board, we sailed at an average speed was 10 knots and we covered 360 Nautical Miles in 36 hours. 

To summarize our TEN experience so far: 

a very strong and durable hull, there is no resonance at high speeds, the rudder is very strong. the lift-keel is easy to dismantle for transportation. We would like to consider a special trailer for transportation. 

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Martin Hingst* (Joure, The Netherlands) 

I bought my TEN in 2009 and sailed her in The Netherlands for 4 years. The circuit I active raced in were full crew, doublehanded as well as singlehanded races. 


Schuttevaer Race: / a 3 days race on sea

2nd place and line honors (2010), and line honors (2011) 

Round North Holland Race: / a 100 NM inshore and offshore race .

3rd place ORC and 5th on line honors (2011)

2nd place ORC and 2nd on line honors.(2012) 

50 miles Doublehanded Race: (boats <35ft)

1st place each consecutive year in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012  

24 hours race: (more than 850 boats participated!) 
1st place (2010) 

200 Miles Solo: 

2nd place and line honors (2011)

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